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apisec university presents

The Automotive API Security Conference

  • Leading Automotive Industry API Security Experts
  • Mini-conference
  • No Sponsors. No Agendas.
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THE Automotive API Security

APIsec University provides free, high-quality education and resources on all aspects of API security that are easily accessible to over 75k people. Following the huge success of our inaugural APISEC|CON, APIsecU is bringing you industry-specific MINI-CON events.

Join us on July 25 for a  half day of free, live API security sessions specific to the connected car and automotive industry. This event will feature insights, best practices, and hands-on workshops with Autmotive API Security experts from across the globe.

About APIsec U
Virtual Event

Learn from
Automotive Industry
API Security Experts

Why attend an APISEC|CON ?

Discover the latest
in API Security

We'll cover the latest in API security for connected cars, fleets, and the broader automotive industry.

Connect with Fellow API Experts

Join other cybersecurity experts and practitioners, API product and platform leaders, and developers share insights on protecting APIs in the rapidly evolving automotive industry.

Learn and Grow in your Role

Become your organization's
go-to certified API security expert. The day will offer practical, hands-on learning as well as the opportunity to earn CPE credits.

are you an api security expert IN THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY?

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APISEC|CON for Automotive!


APIsec University is on a mission to secure every API, everywhere, effortlessly.

APIs now account for over 90% of all traffic on the internet and are the number one attack vector for bad actors. Attackers abuse business logic flaws and loopholes in APIs to expose and exploit the sensitive data of millions of people across the globe every year.

Our series of APISEC|CON events bring together security practitioners, developers, and API experts to share  knowledge that will help you protect the APIs in your environments.